Biker Girl

by Secabest Bestabed

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The second release from the second-best band in the world - "Biker Girl" - is no ordinary album. It is a peon, an ode, an elegy to everything you wish you ever had and all the reasons you'll never have it. It is a song-suite in three parts to the mysterious vectors of reality and the intersections therein that compose modern life. Most of all, it's about this girl I saw one time who was cute as hell and looked sort of like a dude.

So for every biker girl out there listening, I love you. And I would be totally down for some make-outs.


released March 27, 2011

All music written, recorded, and produced by Secabest Bestabed at CNCC Studios and Bedside Clock Sounds, January and March 2011.



all rights reserved


Secabest Bestabed Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: Cammie
Oh Cammie, please take off your money,
I couldn’t see you running in that dress
and you know I’m not impressed
but you’re so far away
and it’s too far to say I’d ever see you

Cammie, can you hear me?
I can see you clearly
if I asked you nicely, would you marry me?

Oh Cammie, spread your fingers for me
let me see the webbing in your toes
the cleft under your nose
all of you clogged drains
all of the hurt and pain you’d never let them


Cammie, take a plane right here
I’ll take you to the northern stretches of an eastern island
spend the next six years on a sailboat
learning to administer life-saving technique from mouth to eyelid

no I don’t know why you should believe me
on all accounts, it makes no sense
but please believe that gust of wind
the two hearts pounding in your chest


Bum bum bum badada dum, badada dum, Oh Cammie! etc.
Track Name: Ambition, pt. 1
I asked her, “so is love the only thing
you dream about?”
her half-uttered reply was less than clear
but I made it out

she said, “everybody wants some point of hope
to get them out of bed
should I be vilified for wanting one
that keeps me there instead?”

how am I supposed to live without you?
how am I supposed to live without you?
she looked at me,
but I was looking at my phone receiver


God was just a man and so am I
I don’t ask why
I wonder, was he divine before he died?
I’m sure you’ll try

one look at her face
and my sure answer left my head
should I be vilified for wanting someone
that keeps it there instead?

how am I supposed to live without you?
how am I supposed to live without you?
I looked at her,
but she was looking at her new red sneakers

Track Name: Biker Girl
out on the lake I’ve seen a ghost
no chains or sheets but with a lover’s grin she’s close
she can’t leave
without me to guide her home
a stain on the limestone

Biker Girl, you are my world
I’ll spend my days looking for you
Biker Girl, Biker Girl,
I’ll be waiting here right by the point

I’m sure if I asked them for their take
they'd say there’s so many ghosts in the lake
they just can’t see
what you and me, what we’d go through
if I could just find you

Biker Girl, you are my world
I’ll spend my days looking for you
Biker Girl, my heart is pure,
there's nothing left for you to bend or curse
Biker Girl, Biker Girl,
I’ll be waiting here right by the point

spinning spokes keep me awake at night
a shifting gear turns on the bedroom light
count the ticking of the bedside clock
I’m never gonna find you

you selfish girl, tell him why
he’ll never have “hello,” let alone “goodbye”
and stupid boy, don’t you know
her perfect hair and pouty cheeks were just for show
and the wheels in your head have never been your own

Biker Girl, you make me hurl
I never want to see your stupid face
I don’t care what clothes you wear
don't believe me, just don’t leave me now

brand new helmet, girl you deserve it
wrap that scarf up like you’re worth it
eyes right there, a look could freeze Jason
cropped-up hair, someone call a mason
Track Name: IquitIquitIquit
all I wanna do is kiss you
and all I’ll listen to is pop music
I don’t know what to do
the choice is cruel

could anybody really say
if it was staring them right in the face?
the best goddam song ever written -
I wouldn’t give it up for you

I quit! I quit! I quit! I quit!

all I ever do is miss you
wouldn’t that be nice if it were true?
I wish it were a crime
to fuck up all the time

they’d lock me up and stash the key
they’d need it the next time they saw me
the best goddam crime of the century
I wouldn’t even have to plea


guitar solo!

tired of my left brain
tired of my right brain
tired of my fused

tired of the seamless and unending void
so I guess I’m tired of you

tired of my headache
tired of my heartache
tired of my blues

I promise if I ever think about you
I will force myself to puke

Track Name: Ambition, pt. 2
oh, darling, there was a time when I would never let you go
when I would hold your hand in mine just to let my power show
and all the shit I did just to let myself feel okay
you never thought your way out of it, you always let me get away

I wish it were true
that I always wanted you
if I ever wanted you, then you deserved it

and I just couldn’t say
who I thought I was that day
if there’s loving in the world, then you deserve it

but if not, I gotta say
that I was right -
maybe we’re better off that way, us two

and oh I must confess - every time I dreamt of you
you were a damsel in distress, I was the one distressing you
and if it seems too harsh, I am afraid but it is true
that when your mind opened up your heart mine was still undressing you

I still can’t see
what the hell you saw in me
gave you years of hurt and pain but I was worth it

and all those sleepless nights
you spent singing to yourself
songs of everlasting hell, but I was worth it

and if not, I gotta say,
that I was right, maybe we’re better off this way

and if it seems to you unfair
that I should fall down on my knees
remember ambition has wracked my brain
I deserve no sympathy

and if it seems to you unfair
that you can’t go back
recall that’s just another way
of being stuck in the past

but yes I know what you need
so remember, I beg you, please
that I am sorry

oh, when I think of you I see an ocean vast and deep
a single sail out on the blue, a two-wheeled pilot with ten speeds
but when I think of me and the wreck I have become
there’s nothing but teenage vanity, some stupid symbols, and a song

isn’t that enough
for a life fulfilled if tough?
how do normal people live and never wonder?

and if I’m on my way
to a greater life today
I hope you will have the same and never wonder

how the love I have for me
could ever hold lesser degree
and how the love to give away
could take its place -
I’m sure we’re better off that way